Friday, July 8, 2011

New Age

Today's tournament: Winter's Prime was a success for the Prodigies Leader; Omega, as he achieved first place putting Team Unique's blah to shame and ending his win streak.

Today is a special day for The Prodigies as we launch the new era of the team: The Prodigies New Age
History of The Prodigies eras:
2009 - early 2010: The Prodigies
2010 - mid 2011: The Prodigies Reborn
Mid 2011 onwards: The Prodigies New Age

The Prodigies New Age is a new start for the team, from now on we are committed to win.

On another note, The Prodigies have recruited WBO member: Mish. Congratulations ! Even though Mish isn't a full member at the moment, he will undergo Prodigies training.

New Age Members:
Omega (Captain)
Novae Rog


The history page will be edited shortly.

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