Team History

The Beyblade Prodigies  History

(Added on: 6 October, 2010):
The Beyblade Prodigies – Original Team.
The Beyblade Prodigies was originally made in the year 2009, a Beyblade team that focused on Plastic Blades. The team consisted of members:
Leader: Gyan (Omega). Blade: Gaia Dragoon G (Whole).
Member: Tannishka (Tan). Blade: Master Dranzer (Customized).
Member: Daniel (Pizza). Blade: Master Draciel/Dragoon (Customized).
Member:  Patrick (DranzerKingPat). Blade: Dranzer GT (Whole).
Member: Justin (Rock Galzzly). Rock Bison/Galzzly (Customized)
Substitute: Chris (Trypio). Blade: Trypio (Whole).
The original Beyblade Prodigies did not use MFB/BMF or HMS; they only used plastic blades at the time as they found no interest in the metal releases. During the time of the original Prodigies, all members only just picked up an interest for the game once again after many years, so they obviously weren’t at top shape. Even though they were just getting back into the game, they still had some skills.

“The Beyblade Prodigies” logo and website had spelled “Prodigies” as “Prodegies”, this is a typo.
The original members of The Beyblade Prodigies only lasted for about 3 months.

After about 3 months, the team had changed. Skill levels, interests, strategy and even team members had changed. The team had started an interest for MFB (Metal Fight Beyblade) the new metal series. Once again this was something, so the team didn’t know much about it. Half their interest was still focused on Plastic blades though.

Team change:
Leader: Gyan (Omega). Plastic Blade: Triple Wing Combo. MFB: MF Libra C145WB.
Member: Dilan (StormDriger). Plastic Blade: Master Dragoon (Whole, limited orange). MFB: Lightning L-Drago 100RF.
Member: Chamil (BeyKid/Quetz). Plastic Blade: Dragoon G (Whole). MFB: Pegasis 105F – Bull 105F.
Member: Tannishka (Tan). Plastic Blade: Master Dranzer Combo. MFB: MF Rock Leone DF145WB.
Member: Daniel (Pizza). Plastic Blade: Master Dragoon Combo – Zeus (Whole). MFB: Flame Sagitarrio DF145D.
The number of team members went down from 6 to 5. Members: Patrick, Christopher and Justin left the team due to inactivity/lack of interest. Members: Dilan and Chamil joined the team and played very strong roles.

On September the 26th 2009, First place was awarded to Gyan (Omega) for coming first in BEY STORM. (BEY STORM did not meet the required number of participants, so the victory was not counted).
On January the 9th 2010, First Place was awarded to Tannishka (Tan) for coming first in BEY BLAZE.

The Prodigies: Reborn (Second Era/Campaign)
(Added on October 6, 2010, Last Edit: August 23, 2011):

In February 2010 The Prodigies team disbanded. The member fell apart as each of them lacked interest in the game.
In July 2010 the team reformed, starting the second era/campaign known as The Prodigies Reborn.
From July – September there was a bit of a pause competitive wise, but in September the tournament "BEY HURRICANE" sparked the team's competitive interest.

Team Members:
Leader: Gyan (Omega). Position: Balancer. Type: Balance: Uses various types of blades depending on the situation.
Member: Chamil (Resistance). Position: Sweeper. Type: Attack: Focuses on attack, fast powerful wins.
Member: Daniel (Novae Rog). Position: Staller. Type: Stamina: Relies on out-spinning the opponent.
Member: Tannishka (Tan). Position: Wall. Type: Defence: Uses attack deflecting strategies, to block other’s hits.
Patrick (DranzerKingPat)
Chris (Trypio)

Late 2010 – 2011:
December 5, 2010 Summer’s Rise: BEY INFERNO took place. Several Prodigies member participated and they all did exceptionally well.

On December 21 – January 21, The Prodigies members Omega and Quetz went to Sri Lanka to kick things off with the Worldwide Project. A tournament was meant to be scheduled, but unfortunately never happened. The bladers had hopes of holding one the same time next year.

Between January – May 2011 there was a pause in The Prodigies’ Beyblade life, only to be revived by Melbourne’s BeyDays tournament: Day of Beys. The team didn’t do too great, with no current team member (of the time) making it into the finals. Shortly after the tournament was over, The Prodigies recruited Robsta (The winner of BEY INFERNO and Second place winner of Day of Beys) as a member of The Prodigies.

July 8, 2011 was a great day for The Prodigies as team leader, Omega, won the Winter's Prime tournament. Mish was recruited as a substitute blader for the Prodigies after coming in third place at Winter's Prime. This was the last day as The Prodigies Reborn.

Dilan (StormDriger) only remained in the original team for only one month.
The colour scheme went from Red/Grey into Grey/red (Main colour on the original Beyblade Prodigies was dark red with grey outlines, it switched with Reborn).

On September the 25th 2010, Gyan (Omega) achieved first place in BEY HURRCIANE.
On December the 5th 2010, Rob (Robsta) achieved first place in Summer’s Rise: BEY INFERNO.
On May the 28th 2011, Rob (Robsta) achieved second place in BeyDays 2 – Melbourne Day of Beys.

The Prodigies: New Age (Current Era/Campaign)
(Added on August 23, 2011)

On July 8, 2011 The Prodigies Reborn had it's last moments as The Prodigies New Age was born. 

The reason for the new era was because of the new members who joined the team, The Prodigies weren't used to having new members join the team in a very long time. It was a very different time in Beyblading for everyone, more and more people were starting to blade, new bladers were being seen at tournaments, new blades were being released, etc. It was the right time to start fresh.

On July 17, 2011 two tournament took place: Plastic Resurrection and HMS Rebirth, in celebration of the World Beyblade Organization's Plastic and HMS remembrance day. Team leader Omega placed third in Plastic Resurrection, and team member Novae Rog placed Second in Plastic Resurrecion and Third in HMS Rebirth.

The colour scheme from The Prodigies Reborn went from Grey/Red to White/Purple when The Prodigies New Age began. A new logo was also created.