The Team

Current Team Members:

Rank: Leader/Captain. Position: Balancer.
Uses all types (Attack, Defense, Stamina and Balance) depending on the situation. Gyan is the founder of the team, and brought the game back to the other team mates.
WBO Username: Omega. Awards: 4 – First Place at BEY HURRICANE – 25/9/10, Second Place at BEY INFERNO - 5/12/10, First Place at Winter's Prime - 8/7/11, Third Place at Plastic Resurrection - 17/7/11

Rank: Member. Position: Smasher/Sweeper
Uses attack type customizations for quick and powerful hits that finish the opponent fast. Chamil is a vital part of the team as he is an expert attack style blader, one of the best types once mastered.
WBO Username: Resistance Awards: None

Rank: Member. Position: Staller.
A stamina type blader, he relies on out-spinning the opponent through long or zero contact battles. Daniel was the first recruit for the original team, and shared an interest in the game at the same time as Gyan.
WBO Username: Novae Rog Awards: 2 – Second Place at Plastic Resurrection - 17/7/11, Third Place at HMS Rebirth - 17/7/11

Rank: Member. Position: Wall. 
Tannishka uses attack deflecting strategies, to block other’s hits; he does this by using defence type beys. Tannishka has proved that he is an excellent blader when using defence types, as he has won a tournament in the past, and is a very tough opponent (personal experience).
WBO Username: Tan. Awards: 1 – First Place at BEY BLAZE – 9/1/10, 2009 Victorian Beyblade Champion

Rank: Member. Position: Stalling Sweeper
Known to use Stamina and Attack style customizations. Robin was recruited just before the New Age campaign began.
WBO Username: Robsta. Awards: 2 - First Place at BEY INFERNO - 5/12/10, Second Place at Day of Beys: Melbourne BeyDays - 28/5/11, 2010 Victorian Beyblade Champion

Rank: Substitute. Position: Wall Tanker
Known to use aggressive Defense customizations. Mish was recruited at the beginning of the New Age campaign.
WBO Username: MishAwards: 1 - Third Place at Winter's Prime - 8/7/11

 Past Members:
 See Team History for more information on past members.