Worldwide Project

The Worldwide Project

What is The Worldwide Project?
The Worldwide Project is a project that The Prodigies are currently working on to spread Beyblade even further across the world.

How will we be doing this?
Through the World Beyblade Organization we can refer members online from different countries.
From time to time an individual member of the team or a few members will visit different countries and try and host tournaments there through the World Beyblade Organization, or we just visit and try and spread the word there.

Upcoming/Past Visits:

November 5, 2010:
Country: Thailand
Team Members visiting: Tannishka (Tan)
Length of visit: 10 Days.
What’s happening: Tannishka is visiting schools of relatives/friends he knows in Thailand to find Beybladers to battle and to refer them to the WBO. He will also be trying to get new people to start playing the game.

December 23, 2010:
Country: Sri Lanka
Team Members visiting: Gyan (Omega), Chamil (Quetz)
Length of visit: 1 Month
What’s happening: Gyan and Chamil are going to be hosting a tournament in Sri Lanka called “Sri Lankan Beyblade Rebirth” through the World Beyblade Organization. They will also be going from place to place looking for bladers to challenge and to find new people who might be interested. The tournament wasn't a success, we needed more time to organize it.